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kids play group;,

G: Yes, I am. And she won't become independent. Look how clingy she is to you. She needs to be with children in school and learn social skills, reading, history and math...

Another classic parenting idea is saying "yes" instead of "no" to children's requests. This idea was introduced by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish in their 1980 book, How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk.

You can't give away what you don't have. This mother had been under quite a bit of her own stress childrens playgroup and had difficulty giving time for herself, much less giving time and attention to a needy 7-year-old little boy. Extending patience and understanding is impossible unless we first extend it to ourselves.

The best time to start using a car seat is when your child care is still a baby and to put your child in a car seat every time, without exception, she travels in a car.

Parents find themselves wishing they could put a sense of play into chores so that their children would simply do them. This is something I attempted to do. I tried various ways of injecting play into chores and found that for the everyday chores, this simply does not work. However, this approach works perfectly for a one day chore event.

When our children go off to free playgroups for toddlers (, we want to know they will refrain from bopping someone on the head if they take a toy away, wait to use the bathroom when they are actually IN the bathroom, and keep their opinions about the way the teacher smells to themselves.

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playgroup One of the kids at the Gen. Philip Kearny elementary school at 6th Street and Fairmount Avenue, in Northern Liberties, a very tough neighborhood in a very troubled city, thought he was George Washington. Don't be too hard on her; she looked like she about six.

early childhood education Kids usually want to behave well but many find behaving well hard. Make it easy for them not by lowering your standards but by giving gentle reminders, setting up simple routines and giving simple verbal cues.

If the "at home" provider has less than six children, they do not need a criminal background check or other checks typically required by licensed providers or childcare centers.

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