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We all know how friendly Google is for its users. In its endeavor to satisfy Google has put forth Google Maps which enables users to locate a particular place or location in a jiffy. In fact, most of us rely on Google for searching or locating almost anything in the universe. Enter all your company's info, including the optional, additional information, and send it off. Easier than the Google set up, Yahoo skips the address verification process, but hides the link for adding your business.

com and scroll down to the footer links section at the bottom. At their leisure, the friendly folks at Yahoo will take a look at that info and list your business. Click 'Add a Business' which is in the second column. Easy to install, quick to set up, it is built with strong and unique features, some of the features are listed as follows; However Google map now utilizes a hotspot Geo locator with Hotspots you get a multi-location Google map with powerful customization options.

Google Maps have advanced features for you can get a satellite view or a terrain view of the map. In case you wish to view a satellite map you could always drag and drop the little stick figure at the top of the zoom features bar. They also enable you to view traffic on the desired location. You could also specify the direction at which you wish to see the road. You can access the street view photo and view it from many angles in case you wish to know where you are located at that particular location.

So what exactly does it mean to have a local listing anyway? Search on Yahoo for 'Portland Graphic Design. It generates this list from its Yahoo Local database. The same thing happens on the Google search results page, and these links account for a large percentage of our website traffic for these keywords. ' When you use a metropolitan or regional name in your search, it knows you're location-sensitive, and returns a list of the businesses in that area. As you can see, a free, easy-to-create listing is an excellent way to increase your customer base.

Looking at the results for 'Portland Graphic Design,' my company, Vanivo, appears as the second listing. "This is a big victory for those who want to see courts rein in partisan gerrymandering. But it is anybody's guess what happens to this when it gets to the Supreme Court," wrote Richard Hasen, an elections law expert at the University of California, Irvine, on his blog. Adding a highly configurable Google Map to your website is just like taking your webpage or your business one step further, allowing people to get directions and see exactly where you are on their mobile device and PC with ease at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Google maps are provided directions to your place of business or to an event you may be promoting is common practice.

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